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Permanent Identification - Microchips & Tattoos

There are two main types of permanent identification for pets:  tattooing and microchipping.   Because a tattoo can only be performed under general anesthesia, your puppy's neuter date is the perfect time to consider having this done.  He will be given a small tattoo in his right ear when he is sleeping.  The tattoo is composed of a combination of three to seven letters and digits.  This set of letters and numbers is specific to your dog; no other pet in the province will have the same combination of characters.  If your pet is found and taken to a veterinary clinic or a humane society, the staff will be able to trace the tattoo back to the clinic that originally placed the tattoo.  Your veterinary clinic keeps a database of their tattoos, and, if you have kept your phone number and address current through your pet's original veterinary clinic, your vet will be able to notify you that your pet has been found.    Tattoos have a very good success rate of returning lost pets to th

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